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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
1.03.2005 (10:00)

Next release of Frenzy is coming up.
Main features: HDD installer, new configuration utilities, update software collection and so on.
Maybe, English version will be released instead of multilingual (rus/eng), as version 0.3

3.03.2005 (20:38)

Might I suggest for the new version to include a multi-protocol messenger, such as Gaim? It's really necessary and, frankly, the thing that stops me from booting Frenzy almost all the time. :) Thank You

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
4.03.2005 (11:14)

In Frenzy 0.3 there is CenterICQ with ICQ, Jabber, AIM support and so on.
In next version will be SIM, which supports almost all IM protocols as plugins.

12.05.2005 (03:17)

Will there be more wifi security audit tools such as Kismet on the next release?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
13.05.2005 (10:21)

mick: of course :) Kismet was ported to FreeBSD recently, other wireless tools already available in ports tree.

(Yves Guerin)
5.07.2005 (17:55)

Why not to add ipv4 and may be dhclient at startup ? or may be ask the user if he wants ipv4 and dhclient (look at feather linux, sorry but it works almost every where).
why not using cdialog ou xdialog to display the question to the user ?

sometimes is good to see what going on elsewhere :))

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
6.07.2005 (16:42)

You may use 'lan-config' utility for network configuration after boot.
But I think, it will be useful to implement interactive startup mode or boot codes (like in many of Linux LiveCD's). Now I am almost finished such 'bootscreen'.

14.07.2005 (01:40)

Nice disc!

bitlbee is another multi-protocol IM tool that works with irssi (or
any other IRC client). It would cost you 470KB though and the
kiddies would prefer something X11.

Has anyone suggested Firefox? I like Opera and all but prefer open source to adware.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
14.07.2005 (10:00)

Firefox is still too big for 200 MB CD, two times bigger than Opera.This is only reason to use Opera.
Btw, I got permission from Opera software to redistribute Opera on Frenzy CD.

17.07.2005 (03:03)

Opera is compact: I use it on my PDA.

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