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(Joe Davidson)
31.08.2005 (01:47)

Hi. I'd like to know if Frenzy can mount gbde encrypted filesystems.

I'd like to use Frenzy to mount gbde encrypted filesystems for <= FreeBSD 5.4 just in case gbde changes in incompatable ways in future FreeBSD releases. (without doing a dump/restore, etc) Basically, I'd like to use Frenzy to mount the filesystems for that respective FreeBSD version so I can copy the encrypted filesystems to another computer using the newer freebsd release, so then I can upgrade FreeBSD versions without breaking a sweat. Is this doable in the current versions of Frenzy?


--Joe Davidson

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
31.08.2005 (11:13)

Yes, you can execute command "kldload geom_bde.ko" and then work with GBDE encrypted filesystems as you used to.
Tested while writing article about FreeBSD security to russian magazine "Hacker". :)

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