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(vineyard saker)
12.12.2005 (15:56)

Hi, privet,

I have just discovered Frenzy and I am very impressed by it. However, I was told that BSD cannot read journaled filesystems like ReiserFS. Is this true? If yes, why was BSD chosen as the basis for Frenzy? Would a GNU/Linux based distro not make more sense?

Many thanks for any explanations,


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
13.12.2005 (00:56)

Yes, Frenzy 0.3 (which is based on FreeBSD 5.2.1) does not support ReiserFS partitions. But in next release, which will be based on 6.0, there is read-only support of ReiserFS.
The question about base system (FreeBSD or Linux)... well, I select FreeBSD as base system for my project because I know FreeBSD very well, not because of some features. If I will try to make Linux-based LiveCD, the result will be very poor :)
P.S. By the way, Linux can't work with FreeBSD UFS2 partitions :(

(vineyard saker)
13.12.2005 (03:12)

Privet Sergei,

Thanks for the answer. In my case - its just to opposite, I know GNU/Linux quite well, but I am only making my first steps in *BSD. It is *great* to have a compact BSD with Russian (which is my mothertongue). I did not know that GNU/Linux does not support UFS2. What a crying shame...

I will come back soon with some newbie questions.

Do skorogo i spasibo,


T. Middleton
14.12.2005 (17:53)

As a BSD guy also (though I run Gentoo on my laptop for the Linux drivers), Frenzy is an awesome tool.

I've tried many of the Linux based bootable rescue/tool disks, and even besides the frustration of not being able to mount UFS2 (or, even old UFS in many cases, i think), those disks, while often good in many ways, just didn't seem to have such a useful collection of tools.

This may be highly bigoted to say, but I can't help but thinking that maybe it is *because* this disc was put together by a BSD person it is such a good and useful one for real-life admin work. BSD is a workhorse. Linux can do the same work, of course, but it seems most of the Linux users don't have the same sense of simplicity, coherence, and utility. Yes, bigoted! Sorry. Just a personal observation.

(vineyard saker)
14.12.2005 (23:17)

Have you tried DSL or, even better, BBC-LNX? They are pretty good. On the "regular CD" size, there is the absolutely awesome Knoppix-STD which comes with a fantastic set of tools. Have you tried these?


21.06.2006 (14:16)

linux DOES support UFS2 partitions. But read only.
So, please stop to say that it is not.

check there

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
21.06.2006 (14:19)

Things are changing :)
Linux now can read UFS/UFS2, FreeBSD now can read ReiserFS...

21.06.2006 (16:16)

"Things are changing : Linux now can read UFS/UFS2,"
Tried from to mount the Frenzy ufs partition within Linux :
# mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb1
mount: Not a directory
Any help? Thank you.

(Angelescu Ovidiu)
14.09.2006 (11:21)

Take a closer look and you will have found that all partitions are allready mounted.
Also the devices in linux have diferent names that in FreeBSD.
You have used Linux devices names instead of FreeBSD devices names.

8.12.2006 (17:04)

i think that it was an excellent choice to go with bsd instead of linux
i actually with bsd 1st then went to linux and let me say that the linux people need a lesson or two maybe three on how to do stuff, everything is easier in bsd from instalation to installing packages and of course building a kernel

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