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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
3.05.2006 (19:26)

I've released first beta version of Frenzy. Some release notes:
* Base system is 6.1-PRERELEASE, final version will be based on 6.1-RELEASE
* Reworked boot loader with options selection - you can select interface language, size of memory disk, boot from compressed image on HDD, select different methods of interaction with HDD (mount r/w, do not mount, do not touch at all).
* Configuration utility for setup of console, swapfile and network: LAN, Dialup, VPN, ADSL.
* Installation to USB Flash and HDD (still buggy, next beta will be better :)
And more different improvements.

This beta available only in Russian version.
Next beta (or RC) will be available in Russian and International versions.

3.05.2006 (21:23)

Nice, very nice. I will try it out once I download the ISO image.

7.05.2006 (14:20)

Nice, waiting for beta2 (my russian language is very poor :))

8.05.2006 (14:23)

hi i have been lookin 4 a bsd live distro. so nice of u. i m new to bsd....and wanted to know when will you be launching the english version. can u kindly mail me at

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