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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
15.05.2006 (19:17)

Frenzy 1.0-RC1 is out. Now English version is available for testing.
All information about this development release (changelog, package list, download links) is here:

16.05.2006 (10:55)

Please i'm interesting about your live cd but i have some troubles to get network dhcp work ...for me my dsl box auto recognize the id and password with the phone number i don't find anything like autodhcp connect ...

could you bring me some light please ...

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
16.05.2006 (11:16)

After connection you can run dhclient manually:
dhclient your-network-interface

18.05.2006 (09:47)

Have same problem as previous guest : can not connect to internet because dhcp seems to be missing. What do you mean by "your-network-interface"

For the rest : very nice distribution to get acquainted with FreeBSD.

Thank you for kind attention.

18.05.2006 (12:41)

Im new into the bsd world i have runned pcbsd for a couple of mounts and found this distro frenzy which i read about and have benn waiting for this realese whit eng language , now it came at it looks realy nice but i can manage to install it . I can t find and install icon _ dunno if there should be eny , oki then i tryid type install2hdd in a konsol there i get some compiling erro , then i read there is a patch but the download link is not working , are u working on a bug fix update or is the patch gona be downloaable so frenzy can be installed to hdd cause i realy would like to test this version of bsd looks great keep up the good work


18.05.2006 (19:23)

Well,I don't know if this would work with every router out there...
I also was surprized with the new Internet configuration menu in RC1...
because my router also "auto-recognizes id,password and phone number".
So,I just went into LAN settings,entered ip,subnet mask etc.,
(just as I was doing with Frenzy 0.3) voila.
Hope this helps...

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
18.05.2006 (21:02)

Numerous bugs in "install2hdd" (in addition to compiling error, there were another bugs) were fixed :) In Frenzy 1.0-RC2, which will be available next week, installation to HDD will work fine.
Thank you for you bugreports. If you will find something else, plz contact me :)

19.05.2006 (21:48)

Great work!
Would you please enable sshd by default?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
19.05.2006 (21:57)

sshd, enabled by default, and root user with no password, is a great security hole, especially for system, that can be installed to HDD.

Maybe, I will add sshd start as a boot option, but not as default.

24.05.2006 (22:22)

the install script might envoke passwd anyway, before installing it to hdd. and for a pure live cd I think its not to dangerous.

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