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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
25.05.2006 (09:25)

Frenzy 1.0-RC2 have been released.
This is the last RC before release. I'm waiting for bug reports - now they are important as never before!

25.05.2006 (21:56)

Wondering about the problems I have had with Perl scripts that involve any modules (say I have one written which depends on "use Shell" for instance - I get an error concerning being unable to find using INC) outside of intrinsic features. Any chance that you could "look" at it, I'd love to be able to use the Frenzy LiveCD with some Perl scripts that I wrote to manage my own backup/restore to USB stick. Thank you (I'm sorry that I didn't "preserve" the precise error message to share here right now, maybe I can post it later).

25.05.2006 (23:51)

Looks generally something like this:

Can't locate .pm in @INC (@INC )
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./.pl line

25.05.2006 (23:51)

Hmmmmm, can't use \?

25.05.2006 (23:52)

Can't locate |modulename|.pm in @INC (@INC |different PATHS|>)
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./|example|.pl line |whatever

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
25.05.2006 (23:53)

Which modules is missing?
It seems they are just not included into distribution :)

26.05.2006 (16:34)

Example so you can reproduce issue - normally works on most of my other LiveCDs (kanotix, ubuntu/kubuntu/nubuntu, hakin9, etc.)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Shell;
# Declare variables
my $line;
my $srcposition;
my $srcpath;
my $dstpath;
my $filename;
my @filelist;
$dstpath = glob '~/.mozilla/firefox/';
# Take the special variable $0 and find the last / position plus 1 character.
$srcposition = rindex($0, '/') + 1;
# Copy the string $0 up to this temporary position into $srcpath.
$srcpath = substr($0, 0, $srcposition);
@filelist = qw(prefs.js bookmarks.html history.dat formhistory.dat compreg.dat
cert8.db key3.db secmod.db search.rdf mimeTypes.rdf extensions.rdf
extensions.ini compatibility.ini localstore.rdf XUL.mfasl xpti.dat
# Get data from the profiles.ini under user's home directory .mozilla/firefox directory so
# that we can detect the randomized subdirectory where the firefox distribution will be
# expecting its files to be.
open(FH, $dstpath . 'profiles.ini') or die "Can't open profiles.ini using " . $dstpath . "profiles.ini: $!";
do {

# Read in profiles.ini line by line
$line = ;

# until we find our statement
} until $line =~ m/Path=/;
close FH;
# Form a better path from the prefix portion and a substring that skips the lead 5 chars
# of line (Path=)
$dstpath = $dstpath . substr $line, 5;
# Kill newline at end of line
chop $dstpath;
# Tack on a forwardslash for directory separation
$dstpath .= '/';
# Beginning main part of program
print "Setup Mozilla Firefox LiveCD settings from USB-storage script v1.0\n\n";
print "Current destination path is: " . $dstpath . "\n";
print "Copying Mozilla Firefox files to .mozilla/firefox directory...\n";
foreach $filename (@filelist)

cp($srcpath . $filename, $dstpath . $filename);

# Announce to the world that nothing remains to be done by the script
print "\nScript done\n\n";

30.05.2006 (08:58)

I just installed frenzy 1.0-RC2 on a test machine,everything went well, but I still have a couple of newbie question:does frenzy have firewall included in kernel with DEFAULT_TO_ALLOW option?Because I included in rc.conf firewall_script="/etc/ipfw.rules" then edited ipfw.rules with the last rule "add deny ip from any to any" with no effect.The ipfw -ad list command it says at last rule"65535 allow ip from any to any"
I also tried a kernel build,after a cvsup of src-sys, but failed at some crypto module that the compiler can't handle.
I also noticed that if I create a regular user when startfluxbox it fail to load the frenzy default setup and instead it gives me a clean,poor fluxbox WM with no frenzy specific tools.
Excuse my poor english.
Any help,hints,trips are wellcomed.

4.06.2006 (17:08)

Very nice distribution indeed!

Just two questions :

1. unable to load us_intl-keyboard
frenzy:~ # setxkbmap us_intl
Error loading new keyboard description

2. any chance "mplayer" ís included in 'Frenzy 1.0'? When will 'Frenzy 1.0' be available?

Thank you.

6.06.2006 (18:16)

Have tried to install Frenzy 1.0 on hard disk. Failed!
- Can you install Frenzy on a 'logical' id non-primary partition with install2hdd?
- what should be the entry in '/boot/grub/menu.lst'?

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