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(T. Middleton)
20.06.2006 (06:19)

Quite a nice notice of Frenzy on the distrowatch comparison of BSD live CDs. Frenzy came out on top. Amazing, even though the review seems more aimed at a beginner desktop experience than an admin tool.

Maybe techniX should add an item for this in the site news section?

(Got the link from BSD News.)

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
20.06.2006 (08:10)

Added to newsline, thank you :)
Author of this review contacted with me, he told that he will write a review of Frenzy 1.0.

5.07.2006 (18:30)

the writer mentions that you could make a desktop oriented edition.

Are you? because that would be awesome :)

7.07.2006 (10:02)

Two more newbie questions.

In Distrowatch there was a big discussion : Firefox versus Opera. Have installed Opera 9 but am unable to get to www. Anybody has any experience with Opera 9 under Frenzy 1.0?

How to play audioCD with Frenzy 1.0?

Thank you!

8.12.2006 (17:11)

i think the best resource for you is going to be to head on over to the website and pick the user manual or handbook i think is what they call it they have some awesome documentation that has all the info u need or maybe u can try the freebsd desktop or pcbsd they offer a user oriented install while freebsd is more of a server install a

4.01.2010 (08:59)

came from distrowatch and see frenzy1.2 ??
when english version out??


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
10.01.2010 (00:00)

1.2 is not "official" release, this is just experimental build for my personal needs, so I have no plans to release english version at this moment. If there will be 'community' release of Frenzy, then english version may appear too.

10.01.2010 (14:33)

i dont mind playing with your experiment stuffs if there's an english one.


10.01.2010 (14:35)

btw, any guide on 'howto' you build all this?


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
25.01.2010 (19:08)

The documentation on Frenzy SDK is available here:
The SDK itself can be downloaded here (for 1.2 community release):
(you need also to download bugfix)
Documentation for 1.2 SDK is here:
(Russian only, use Google translate etc.)
If there will be any changed, I'll notice about them. At this moment, as I know, Egor does not plan to translate his docs to English. Maybe someone can help :)

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