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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
20.06.2006 (08:12)

Let's discuss new release here.
If you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests, feel free to write them here :-)

20.06.2006 (10:33)

Can one play an audio CD with Frenzy. Tried both xmms and mlayer but failed.

With xmms got following errormessage : "xmms-cdread: Unable to read audio: Inappropriate ioctl for device". There is a lot of correspondance on "inappropriate ioctl for device" on the internet but couldn't get a solution.

Thank you.

20.06.2006 (16:07)

Bug: When I boot with parameters "lang=es gui", console's keyboard is spanish, but in gui or in a terminal started from gui, I have english keyboard, not spanish.

Software: I see that "best" browser is Opera. Why not to put Firefox, on this place? I think firefox is 'the facto' open browser. ;) . Anyway, is Opera working well? -I have tried Frenzy on vmware 5, and starting Opera, i see a full grey screen-. Perhaps a vmware problem?!

Congratulations. I see Frenzy very easy to use.

20.06.2006 (16:30)

maybe nemesis packet injector should be included.
(is there a bug with the bootparams? i have no time to set them
it waits not the named 15 seconds but max 1 sec. whichs not that much)

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
20.06.2006 (16:52)

"lang=es". This is not a bug, but a feature. Because of different handling of national keyboards Frenzy, when entered "lang" different from "en", enable two keyboard layouts for You can switch between them using Ctrl+Shift hotkey.

Opera. Well, I've tested Firefox and Opera before deciding which one I'll include. Opera has 52% smaller distribution size, 50% faster loads and consumes 45% less RAM than Firefox. For 200-250 Mb LiveCD this is very important.

Grey screen - this is an Opera main window :) Default resolution in VMWare is 800x600, and Opera is configured for 1024x768. Just move window - hold Alt and drag it.

Nemesis is included in Frenzy 1.0 distribution, see:

Frenzy must wait 15 secs, this is very strange behaviour. Do you start Frenzy in some kind of emulator (VMWare/QEMU/whatever)?

21.06.2006 (13:48)

Would like to install latest versions of vim (vim 7.0) and mplayer (MPlayer 1.0pre8). Any package or port available?

Thank you.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
21.06.2006 (14:22)

At this time these versions of software are not included in FreeBSD ports collection, but situation may change soon.

21.06.2006 (14:24)

i can't find some explanation of the difference between standard and extended release of frenzy 1.0

and the bittorrent link to linuxtracker do not seems to work. i got a page for some t-shirt and no torrent link.

too soon may be ?

there is not even an announce of the release of frenzy 1.0 in the newsline (english page) !

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
21.06.2006 (14:30)

The difference between standard and extended version described in release notes:
and in official documentation:

Bittorrent links work fine, here are direct links from linuxtracker webpage:

Why do I need an announce in newsline, when 1.0 release is announced above the newsline with all information provided? :)

21.06.2006 (14:31)

ooops i miss most of the page at linuxtracker because my adblock filters in konqueror

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