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  Frenzy 1.1 - development continued

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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
16.11.2007 (13:43)

After a long period of silence I will continue development of Frenzy.
Next version of Frenzy will be more sysadmin-oriented (most of desktop appliactions will be removed). Installation to HDD also will be disabled.

Since we have usable unionfs in FreeBSD now, Frenzy will heavily use its' advantages. The most notable feature is Frenzy Extension Modules (FEM), which allow to add applications to LiveCD/LiveUSB without rebuilding (you may see similar feature in Damn Small Linux and SLAX).

Now I am working on test builds. Public beta build of Frenzy 1.1 will be available soon.

23.11.2007 (23:46)

great news i am looking forward to the new release.

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