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  Any buildscript based on FreeBSD 4.8 -Released?

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16.01.2009 (12:45)

Okay, i want to create customized frenzy that based on FreeBSD 4.8 release, why so? because i have program that run in this FreeBSD version?
And my question is :
*)Is there are frenzy (build-script)that can be customized under FreeBSD 4.8?
and it is only the source that provide the buildscript for freebsd >>>

*)And guys do u think it is possible for me to have complete releases notes of frenzy from 0.3 version until latest(1.1),? I just couldnt find where


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
18.01.2009 (18:00)

1. Frenzy 0.2 was based on FreeBSD 4.8, but it was so long ago :)
buildscripts are here:
FreeBSD 4.x doesn't have compressed file system, so 4.x-based Frenzy releases were slow and contained less software compared to 0.3 and further releases.
You may download 0.2 release to see it in action (there is only Russian version)

2. I've not wrote changelog between 0.3 and 1.0, since there are too much changes (only 1.0->1.1 changelog is available).
Frenzy 1.0 have these global differences from 0.3:
* Moved from FreeBSD 5.x to 6.2 as base system.
* Boot options selection (ramdisk size, locale etc).
* Boot to RAM (with CD remove after boot) and boot from compressed image, placed on HDD.
* Dialog configuration tools for LAN, PPP, VPN, ADSL configuration.
* Split to standard (200 Mb) and extended (250 Mb) builds, most multimedia software were moved to extended version.
* Installation to HDD and USB Flash drives.
* Numerous bug fixes.

19.01.2009 (07:22)

Thanks for your reply,
Okay, you are saying building based 4.8 is still possible, on the problem is the slowness and number of software installed.
The reason why i build livecd because i just want to create simple livecd FreeBSD where after it boots it will run a program which is basically c program, and that's all. So i wont use other admin recovery tool where it is intended for frenzy recovery tool. and it is main reason why i want to costumized the frenzy.
Do you have any suggestion for me? or i MUST use recent frenzy.
Is it possible, you give a bit information how slow the frenzy based FreeBSD4.8 compare to other recent? 2 times slower or more
Thanks you so much for your attention

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
19.01.2009 (11:45)

The main feature of Frenzy releases since 0.3 is usage of compressed file system, based on geom_uzip kernel module. It does not affect system boot time, but significantly reduce application startup time (in Frenzy 0.2 Xorg with fluxbox windowmanager loads in 90 seconds, in 0.3 - just 20)

If you want to start just one application, you may look at FreeBSD installation CD, which starts after boot only 'sysinstall'. It can be done using only preloaded MD-image as root filesystem.

19.01.2009 (13:05)

Okay, i put side the frenzy.
The FreeBSD installation CD? is it the "live filesystem feature" where dump us into a terminal.?
"preloaded MD-image as root filesystem" i am realy didnt get it yet, but now i am googling it out. may be you have a link that i can refer to it will be helpful.

Thank you.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
19.01.2009 (15:25)

This howto can be useful:

20.01.2009 (09:47)

Thank you so much,
I am really appreciate your respond so far.

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