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  Frenzy 1.2 reincarnation - community release

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(Mozhaisky Sergei)
11.01.2010 (01:52)

Frenzy 1.2 reincarnation (community release) is out. This is a first version of Frenzy that's made not by me - author of this build is Egor Vershinin. You can read more on project's website (russian only):
English version of this build is avaliable on our FTP (lite and standard version):

It's based on FreeBSD 8.0, there are 2 versions - lite and standard.


13.01.2010 (17:37)

thank you very much..I cant explain how many times, 1.1 has saved my rear as a repair disc. The new version is more than welcome.....

14.01.2010 (02:14)

Show must go on! Congratulations!

16.01.2010 (06:06)

I have a question, I noticed that there is dd_rescue in /usr/local/bin but where is the other ddrescue mentioned in the software list?

16.01.2010 (06:48)

Actually, the question is what version of frenzy is 1.2 based on as I noticed your 1.1 notes mentions adding ddrescue but when I ran 1.2, I only see dd_rescue which is a inferior product.

17.01.2010 (20:28)

frenzy 1.1 seems to be a better product, guess there is only one original! =) I still don't get how the 1.2 standard is larger in size but has less tools built in versus 1.1.

18.01.2010 (11:39)


Luiz Biazus
22.01.2010 (12:58)

Hi There! i have two issues....
at first i cannot use the command "make" i have installed the ports(with gsup)... but i can´t use it....

secound i follow the manuals of frezy and not locate iso-prepare, iso-mkuzip , iso-build commands to remmasterize my custom distro...

thank you


22.01.2010 (23:24)

Great news! Will try as soon as possible.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
25.01.2010 (14:54)

Frenzy since 1.0 does not contain GCC compiler and toolchain, so there is no gcc and make in 1.2 too. Anyway, you can install standard FreeBSD packages to Frenzy, installed on HDD.

iso-prepare, iso-mkuzip etc. are parts of Frenzy build scripts (SDK) and are not available in Frenzy itself. You can download SDK separately, from
SDK can't be run from Frenzy, since it does not contain gcc compiler etc., so you need original FreeBSD installation to run SDK and build your own Frenzy distribution.

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