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  x86_64 build?

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(Adwin Putteeraj)
9.05.2010 (04:12)

Hey all, any plans on a x86_64 build?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
27.07.2010 (13:54)

At this moment - no, but you can make your own build with SDK.

8.09.2010 (21:25)

I'd love to donate money if you would make a x86_64 build too.

6.11.2010 (17:09)

I can pitch in with a donation too if you can commit some time to it.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
20.01.2011 (22:44)

Hello everyone who wants 64-but build.
The reason why I do not built 64-bit Frenzy before is simple - I do not have 64-bit hardware :)
Furthermore, I'm not a Frenzy developer now - all Frenzy builds since 1.2 are made by another guy, Egor Vershinin. You can find his contact info on
So if you really want a 64-bit Frenzy, please contact him.
Thank you :)

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