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21.11.2005 (12:15)

First of all,THANKS for this great distro.
Can i make two suggestions/requests for Frenzy 0.4?
(Not really important,
'cause all the really important tools are already included ;-)
b)emelFM as a file manager?
It's lightweight and by far easier to use than mc...

P.S:(Sorry for my English syntax,i'm from Greece):
Are there any known bugs with Frenzy running on Athlon-based computers?
It was a minor annoyance,but i thought i should report it:
on 3-4 Intel-based that i tried Frenzy it booted without problems,
yesterday i tried on Athlon and it failed:
it just halted,while initializing IPSec.
Restarted the machine,tried again,same halt again.
Restarted once more,chose "boot Frenzy in safe mode",ran "startx",
ran the script for the DSL connection etc...everything OK,as usual.
Unfortunately,i'm not sitting in front of this pc right now,
i 'll try sending the specs of that machine later this day...

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
21.11.2005 (16:27)

Dillo is included to next Frenzy release (with i18n patch).
emelFM and Dosbox (dosemu does not included to ports collection) maybe, will be included.
BTW, you can try to use XNC as GUI file manager.

The problem with booting, which you described, is in your ATA controller (next messages after "IPSec" must be about your hard drives) - Frenzy 0.3, which based on FreeBSD 5.2.1, does not handle it. Next release will be based on FreeBSD 6.0, so this problem will be solved.

1.01.2006 (10:48)

(Well,it might not be the most approriate place for posting this,
but I felt that I should...)

Happy New Year!My Best Wishes for your family 's new member!

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