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10.06.2006 (12:46)

I recently saw a friend of mine working with some other security "distro",
and this got me in,please,at first,
allow me a comparison of Frenzy's features with other distros:

a)FreeBSD-Based:well,doesn't that pretty much cover it all? ;-)
No KDE/Gnome,some distros I've seen were too "fat-to-fit",
and the "toram" option failed even on systems with 1GB memory...
Just in case,I might need the appropriate tools to get the job done,
(see Metasploit),nothing more,nothing less.
Why turn my pc into a...local mirror of exploit repositories?
In just 200/250 mb,not only it has all the necessary tools for pen-testing,
but also for solving usual daily Administration problems,
(bandwidth testing,httpd performance,testdisk for partition problems etc.)
Ok,so what's missing from Frenzy?
Ehhh..maybe this piece of software or that... ;-)
(Yeah,we simple users always like to bug the developer:
"please,include this,include that...)
So,here's some useful tools which would be nice if they were pre-installed:
b)Cisco-Torch(hxxp://,tools section)
c)Fuzzers!:for example,Antiparser(hosted in Sourceforge),
Fuzzball(hxxp:// page mention a lot of fuzzers,
a lot of them are nothing more than python scripts...

P.S:Seems that there are some spammers that have started polluting the board...

10.06.2006 (23:36)

"Ok,so what's missing from Frenzy?"

Would say : nothing! The choice of programs is almost perfect for daily use ... For the time being : nothing to be added, nothing to be removed!

"P.S:Seems that there are some spammers that have started polluting the board..." Feel very sorry. How to get rid of that 'pollution'?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
13.06.2006 (11:42)

Nice to see such a good feature request :)

First of all, option "toram" fails to work due a kernel bug in FreeBSD ( I am currently trying to use recently ported tmpfs for memory disks.

I've read Fuzzers list :) The only known for me tool is Spike-Proxy, which is included in Frenzy extended (due to it's size :)

All software in Frenzy are compiled from FreeBSD port collection, since it allows to build all packages automatically. For some software additional ports were created. If you have some knowlegde in creating FreeBSD ports, you may send to me ports for these software, I'll add them to Frenzy build list.

P.S. Have implemented some simple spam protection :)

20.08.2006 (19:37)

what about the distcc deamon?
would be very useful.

11.10.2006 (17:34)


First - sorry for posting at the wrong place, but even though my nick and password were recognized, I still am "guest" to the system.

Anyway - I have a D-Link DWL-G122 Compact Wireless USB Adapter (802.11g, 54Mbps). How can I make it work with Frenzy 1.0? What application should I use to configure it and does Frenzy work with USB wireless adapters?

Many thanks!

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