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  PSI is not working!

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(Igor David)
23.06.2006 (01:41)

Greetings from Serbia,

this is very nice project- best wishes!!

But, when I try to open Psi there is an error:

"Unable to load iconset!! Please make sure Psi is properly installed!"

Can you see what is happening?

Thanx, Igor

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
23.06.2006 (12:11)

Sorry, this is a bug. Due to incorrect work of scripts for reducing distribution size one of the files of PSI iconset was accidentally removed.
It seems there is no solution at this moment, when you start Frenzy as LiveCD :( But when you install Frenzy to HDD, you may reinstall PSI from ports or packages, and everything will be OK.

11.08.2006 (15:19)

Hello I'm italian guest of the forum,

Nice project, I have try Frenzy on laptop ( HP Pavillon ZV5000 ) but don't work. I don't know if it's a bug ... but when boot the laptop shutdown...

Any advice...

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