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  Problems with sound

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(Vrani Vran)
3.07.2006 (16:31)

When I play song on XMMS I have big noise.
When need turn thumb STOP,PLAY,many times, and song go OK.
Do You know what can be the problem?
Sorry for my English.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
3.07.2006 (18:14)

What sound card do you have in your PC?

(Vrani Vran)
4.07.2006 (00:03)

I have snd_cs4236 sound card.Do I need reinstall driver snd_cs4281,and how
can I do it?I copied music from Linux (reiserfs) partition.Is this the problem?
The command pkgdb -F doesn't work properly.I got message that link is broken.There are some dependence problems.I have to install pkglist,ruby,etc,etc.There isn't /boot/loader.conf file.
Which file replace it?Can You check that?
But I really like Frenzy!
Greetings from Serbia!!!

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