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  Cable Internet not set up on boot

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(Lawrence Sayre)
15.11.2006 (03:04)

My cable internet service is not initialized on boot. How do I initialize a DCHP connection to the internet?

(Dan Ratje)
15.11.2006 (03:35)


I had the same problem when I started working with Frenzy. Have you tried to go to the Frenzy menu?
Frenzy Menu
====> COnfigure
========> Configure Network
and follow the prompts for your adapter?

It should work for you. Also, In my situation, I had to add a "default route" to make my system work. That is because I use a small 5 port router on the inside of my cable-modem. You may need to do the same. If so, then use the command:
"route add default" (the is the internal address of your router if you have one.) At least that is what I had to do to get it to work. But now (for me) all is well, the internet traffic started flowing.
Hope that helps!

(Lawrence Sayre)
19.11.2006 (02:32)

Thanks for the tip! However, in doing the Configuration I get a message that everything was properly set up and configured, but then following this I still have no internet connection.

23.11.2006 (11:24)

1st initialise your network with ifconfig

example: ifconfig rl0

next you want to add a route for the traffic to flow like qzz1k said.

example: route add default

Add a nameserver entry in /etc/resolv.conf (usually your router IP will work as a DNS server too).


Your internet should then work. No need for fancy menus, just basic FreeBSD knowledge.

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