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22.02.2007 (18:54)

I've been a frenzy user for a while now, but I've started using it much more now that I've got it on a usb stick. I've used it for a while now in order to wipe hard drives, and clone them; however I've started to run into problems with SATA. At first I was looking at perhaps dead drives, or possibly other issues but as far as I can tell, frenzy is not detecting more than one SATA drive (that makes it pretty hard to clone). Knoppix (and windows for that matter) are showing both drives, but SATA only shows up as one drive under /dev/ad4 in frenzy.

28.04.2007 (13:26)

I have the same problem. I have 2 SATA disks. Frenzy recognizes both, but on accessing the second a lot of error messages appear:
can't re-use a leaf (%desc)/(%parent)/(%driver)/(%location)/(%pnpinfo).
with boot option 4 I get to the choice of booting options (although a lot of those error msgs appear) and with 'nohdd' (disable scanning) frenzy boots up to the console.

13.08.2007 (16:46)

I have HP 530 notebook with a hdd that shows in my FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE dmesg like this:

ad4: 76319MB at ata2-master SATA150

but Frenzy 1.0 extended doesn't show anything. It just cannot detect the drive. Anybody knows what can I do?

16.08.2007 (14:33)

Frenzy 1.0 is based on FreeBSD 6.1... maybe support of your HDD controller appeared only in 6.2.

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