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  Problem booting from /dev/da4

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20.05.2008 (12:30)


I'm trying to boot from the USB flash drive on a computer with USB cardreader.
The built-in cardreader's slots take /dev/da[0-3] names and my USB flash is not detected during the boot :( I suppose it should have been detected as /dev/da4. How can I increase the number of the devices detected during the boot to be able to boot from /dev/da4?

20.05.2008 (12:44)

OK I fixed the issue.

For some mysterious reason I have two front USB ports enabled on boot (this is not configurable in BIOS).

Then when Frenzy detects /dev/da* deevices it disables the USB port it booted from and enables another USB port!!!

So I have to eject my flash in the middle of the boot process and insert it to another USB port and it seems to be the only (strange) way to boot Frenzy on my HP Compaq computer.

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