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(gil hawkins)
22.06.2008 (14:16)

Hi Technix, I am using frenzy 1.1 BETA3 (I love it! - great work!!!).

I have laptop Thinkpad X40 with Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG wlan adapter. pciconf -lv shows 2200BG. I ran "kldload if_iwi" which creates iwi0 device. The ifconfig shows the device as iwi0; 'status' is "no carrier".

But I see this error in dmesg :-
"iwi0: could not load firmware"
"firmware_get: failed to load firmware image iwi_bss"

Please tell me if the firmware is on the frenzy cd? How can I load it?

After I load firmware, what tool should I use under "network config" to discover local AP and configure? How do I configure it?

Thanks - Gil

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
23.06.2008 (20:41)

Sorry, but firmware seems to be not included, that's my fault :)
Firmware for this driver provided by net/iwi-firmware-kmod port, which wasn't included to Frenzy distribution.

Frenzy configuration utilities does not include tools for WiFi configuration, you should use standard FreeBSD methods to configure WiFi network:

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