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  The build script are supported in FreeBSD 5.3 ?

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(Ariel Eduardo Antigua)
2.03.2005 (20:04)

I am trying to build a livecd with the build script from the site and i have a few problems.. but the more difficult to resolve is with de autmount section of frenzyrc.

my build was in a 5.3-STABLE version.
with GENERIC kernel ( not use the kernel config provide with the tarball build script set. )

2.03.2005 (22:49)

Next version of Frenzy will be based on FreeBSD 5.3, and scripts will be patched - for now they can't be directly used with 5.3.

(Ariel Eduardo Antigua)
3.03.2005 (00:00)

when will be released the next version of Frenzy ?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
3.03.2005 (11:17)

I hope to release new wersion next month...

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