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  help needed for dual booting Frenzy + Linux

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22.11.2008 (07:13)

Hi ,

I wanted to dual boot my USB drive with Frenzy and Slax Linux . Please help me getting a way for it. I ve heared of syslinux , dont know how good it works for Frenzy (Free BSD) .


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
24.11.2008 (10:29)

FreeBSD kernel (and Frenzy kernel too) can't be loaded via syslinux.

You may try to use grub4dos to load both systems.
There is an instruction how to use it with Frenzy:!0§ion=001&thread=1217229050&page=4
(Message from 'qwerty', date 24.10.2008 (08:41))

Instruction is in Russian, but this is not a problem :)

This works only with Frenzy 1.1-RC1, earlier versions do not support booting from FAT32 partitions.

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