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  [HELP NEEDED] How add packages?

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22.02.2009 (18:21)

hi everybody,
from what i ve understoud, with frenzy i can create my livecd and choose what package to add in the distro.
i couldn t find any tutorial or example about how do you proceed for add these package, all i have is two empty dir in wich i don t know if i have to add tgz files or other. i mean packages/FreeBSD.std and packages/FreeBSD.ext
isnt it possible to add them directly from the ports?
thxx for helping
best regards

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
10.04.2009 (17:38)

'FreeBSD.std' should contain all packages you want to include, if you build 'standard' version, 'FreeBSD.ext' - if 'extended'. The type of build is set in 'config' file, FRENZY_TYPE variable.

You should also put Frenzy additional packages (config tools etc) to packages/Frenzy folder. These packages can be made from 'packages' dir using '' script.

Please see for details.

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