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(Glenn Meyer)
5.02.2010 (07:30)

First of all, part of this page is in Russian, part in English. I HOPE I press the right buttons. Now on to the problem.

I just installed 1.2, and I love it! I'm not a system geek, just a user with an old Compaq looking for a fast FreeBSD. One problem I'm having, however, is that I want portsnap, and am not sure where to get it. On FreeBSD 7.x and later, it's part of the standard release, which means that it's not one of the packages. So when I do a pkg_add -r portsnap, portsnap can't be found. It's also not part of the Frenzy install. How do I put portsnap on my Frenzy system?


(Mozhaisky Sergei)
8.02.2010 (14:59)

The main purpose of Frenzy is usage of it as a live system, so many parts of standard FreeBSD installation are removed from it.
At this moment there is no 'standard' method to add portsnap to Frenzy, installed to HDD.
If you want to use Frenzy as a desktop system, you may want to make 'binary upgrade' with FreeBSD 8.0-release - this will add missing parts of standard FreeBSD binaries. But I did not tested it, so use it at your own risk.

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