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(Ariel Eduardo Antigua)
2.03.2005 (00:08)

Are you planing to make some documentation about your LiveCD Build Scripts ?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
2.03.2005 (11:14)

Yes, of course.
For now most of Frenzy documentation is in Russian only. Still searching for good translators to translate all Russian version of website :)

12.03.2005 (12:24)

Thank you, for the plans on further english version documentation!

Thank you for undertaking this project! I've been looking for a live distro of FreeBSD, for some time. I located this site, while at, if needed for any reference.

My interest, is a means of giving folks a taste of other O.S.'s, via live cd's. It is my preferred method here, as there is much fear of losing all info from the hard disks.

15.08.2005 (18:01)

Nice job on the Frenzy disto. I am impressed.

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