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(Ariel Eduardo Antigua)
6.03.2005 (04:29)

i`ll be happy if the Frenzy LiveCD have Spanish traslation...
because i`m form Dominican Republic and i`m planing to make some demostration with the Frenzy LiveCD to a college group. and having our natal language on it make more easy to use for us.

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
7.07.2005 (10:48)

Next release will be in two 'editions':
International: En, De, Fr, Es, It, Pl... maybe other languages
Russian: Ru, Ua, En

11.08.2005 (13:45)

techniX: why to divide those languages into separate 'editions'. Is it so bad with free space on 210MB CD? Or is it something else?

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
11.08.2005 (15:24)

Something else :)
My native language is Russian, and Frenzy have Russian as _default_ system language - that's one of the reasons why Frenzy is very popular in Ukraine and Russia, there are not so many full-featured LiveCD with full support of our native language. But this is also the reason why Frenzy is not so popular outside of Ukraine/Russia - people do not like switch language every time they boot, and very few of them know Russian :(
The only difference between 'editions' will be system default language: Russian for UA/RU and English for whole world :)

27.08.2005 (03:33)

I'll be happy to help translate or translate if possible Frenzy to Lithuanian and of coure I'm willing to see it in Lithuanian :)

17.10.2005 (07:21)

There is not right! Your system is very popular in outside of Ukraine/Russia. See and others. Expansion from west to est? Nu-Nu... ;-)

(Mozhaisky Sergei)
17.10.2005 (09:30)

This is not the ONLY reason :)
For example, popular applications in Ru/Ua and Europe are different. So I think to include in International edition those applications, which are more popular outside former USSR (GAIM, for example. Russians prefer SIM or LICQ)

11.11.2005 (10:49)

i skipped on 'press the e' think ...and voila..cyrilic ...
i can make some of the menu, like rxvt etc etc :D and it was fun i guess

is it not possible to keep en_us or GB_us and meet 210MB requirement? or somthing like on_the_fly_language_module ? or [like kanotix] select language from bootloader ?
just giving some idea :)) am not close to techie kids..

greeting from jakarta.. now i can experience indonesian air force officer on 60's and indonesian navy guys on 90's when faced with cyrilic manual book on their arsenal LOL LOL LOL =))

10.01.2006 (05:42)

> Russians prefer SIM or LICQ

Russians do prefer CenterICQ! ;)

Attila Toth
16.03.2006 (17:19)

Is hungarian language?

(Hungary, Szeged = since 1977 twin town Odessa, UA)

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