Current version of distribution is Frenzy 1.0.

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Frenzy 1.0 standard
Filename: frenzy-1.0-std-EN.iso
Size: 204216320 bytes
MD5 (frenzy-1.0-std-EN.iso) = 64350255ea87ad32c176b8133984e656

Frenzy 1.0 extended
Filename: frenzy-1.0-ext-EN.iso
Size: 265312256 bytes
MD5 (frenzy-1.0-ext-EN.iso) = fdb5dfbee148988ee6e53737b742725d

Frenzy:lite 1.0
Filename: frenzy-1.0-lite-EN.iso
Size: 51767296 bytes
MD5 (frenzy-1.0-lite-EN.iso) = 502c28fdaef2dfde6ac4f9ed3c25beac

Image checksum can be checked using 'md5' utility:
/home> md5 frenzy_YOUR_VERSION.iso
For checking image checksum in Windows use 'md5sum' utility: (download: md5sum.exe):
C:> md5sum.exe frenzy_YOUR_VERSION.iso > checksum.txt  [ 07.09.07 09:15 ]

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