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Frenzy LiveCD

Frenzy is a “system administrator portable instrument”, LiveCD based on FreeBSD OS, wich allows the administrator to boot from it and get fully functional system with wide variety of software for tunning, testing and analyzing the network, testing computer hardware and much more.

Frenzy is released in two different variants:

  • Frenzy standard - oriented specially on system administrators. size of ISO is 200 MB. Distributive contains 500 applications.
  • Frenzy extended - oriented on administrators and advanced users. It contains all standard applications plus many more. ISO is 250 MB. Distributive contains more then 600 applications.

Base operating system is FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE

Frenzy contains next software:

  • C and nasm compilers, Perl and Python interpreters
  • File managers, archievers.
  • Text editors, viewers and file converters
  • Web browsers, mail and news clients, ICQ, IRC, Jabber-clients
  • Network utilities (LAN, modem, Bluetooth, dial-up, VPN, Wireless)
  • Traffic monitoring utilities
  • Proxies and redirects
  • Network access (telnet, ssh, RDP, VNC)
  • Samba server and clients
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL clients
  • DNS, LDAP, SNMP, DHCP, ICMP, ARP, IP-packets utilities
  • Subnets determining software
  • Network scanners, ports and service scanners
  • Security scanners, sniffers and hack detection utilities
  • Clamav antivirus, rootkits detection utilities
  • Passwords and cryptography utilities
  • Hardware information and tuning software
  • Hard disks and partitions managing software
  • Different filesystem utilities
  • File repair utilities
  • Computer and network speed testing software
  • Files and logfiles utilities
  • Memory and processes management software
  • CD Writing tools
  • Graphic files viewer (gqview), screenshot making tool
  • mp3/ogg players

Extended version also contains:

  • xnc file manager
  • SciTE text editor
  • metasploit, spike-proxy, unicornscan, yersinia
  • IM-clients such as LICQ, SIM, PSI
  • X-Chat IRC Client
  • DjVu, CHM, PDF viewers
  • QEMU and DosBox emulators
  • XMMS audioplayer
  • MPlayer multimedia player

System includes Frenzy documentation (the one you read right now) and official FreeBSD documentation - The FreeBSD Handbook and FAQ

Frenzy can be installed on a hard drive as a fully functional operating system. USB Flash install is also supported.

Frenzy Lion, the project talisman
Frenzy Lion, the project talisman