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Frenzy Boot

First of all you will see the boot loader menu:

Boot menu

In most cases it is enough to press Enter or to wait 5 seconds.

:!: In case of kernel boot errors, wich lead to no bootup, use the button 2 in boot menu - “Boot FreeBSD with ACPI disabled”.

Boot options

When the kernel is loaded you will see Frenzy menu:

Frenzy boot menu

Available options:

lang - choose language. The system lang parameters depend on this option.

ramdisk - set the memory disks sizes for /etc, /var, /root, /mnt.
:!: It is recomended to stick to 10-50 MB.

toram - full memory load mode, CD-ROM is not needed in this case and can be removed from drive.
:!: There must be like 1GB RAM for this mode to work, there are also some problems about this mode still.

fromhdd - boot from compressed image on a hard drive, CD-ROM also releases. The image frenzy.uzip must be in frenzy directory of any harddrive.

nohdd - Do not search and mount HDD partitions. Is this option is set - fromhdd would be ignored.

nohdmnt - the partitions search is made, fstab is renewed and mount points are made. No mounts are done. Is this option is set - fromhdd would be ignored.

hdrw - mount partitions in RW mode (writing is supported for UFS1/2, EXT2FS и FAT filesystems, NTFS и REISERFS would be mounted as read-only)

nobackup - Do not automaticly restore settings from diskette, hdd or USB Flash backups.

hwinfo - the hwinfo utility would be run, it will generate HTML-file with a hardware list.

gui - automatically start Graphic Shell.

Logging in

After the boot, the first console will automaticly log you in as root. On the other consoles you should use login root, password is not required.