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Filesystems and mounts

Whet Frenzy starts, the discs and USB Flash are mounted automaticly (If the Flash was inserted during the startup). All filesystems are mounted read-only by default.

Frenzy supports next filesystems:

Filesystem Read Write
UFS1 + +
UFS2 + +
EXT2FS + +
FAT + +
NTFS + +1

1 Partial NTFS write support is done by ntfsmount utility - it is only possible to edit, rename, move and delete files.

Mount points

Filesystems are mounted on the /mnt derictory. Frenzy automaticly creates mount point catalogue. There is a next catalogue name format:

[disk type][disk number]s[partition number].[filesystem]

where disk type is - ad (IDE) or da (SCSI, USB Flash). disc numbers start from 0, partition numbers - from 1. Logical partitions (extended) numbers - from 5.


  • /mnt/ad0s2.ntfs - Second NTFS partition on the firsd IDE harddrive.
  • /mnt/ad1s5.fat - First logical FAT partition on the second IDE harddrive.

Discette can be mounted manually on /mnt/floppy by typing mount /mnt/floppy.

Mounting partitions

Searching for new partitions

If the partitions were not mounted automaticly (for example, you have chosen nohdd option during startup), You can make search and mounting of partitions by typing frmount:

frmount [options]

Options for frmount command:

  • auto - find all partitions and mount them
  • rw - mount partitions for read-write
  • v - verbose mode (shows more information)

By default, this command searches for new partitions, creates mount points and creates information about new partitions into /etc/fstab.

Changing mount modes

To change mount modes you can use remount utility. You can change mount modes only for those filesystems, wich support full-featured write by the System.

Check before you change the mode that no software uses remounting media as current directory nor files from it. Otherwise the partition would not be remounted.

Unmounting the partition

You can unmount the partition by typing:

umount [mount point catalogue]

:!: It’s highly recommended to unmount partitions mounted for write by hands before you restart or shutdown.