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Installing Frenzy on HDD

To install Frenzy on a harddrive run the install2hdd utility.


Read an attention notice and enter the passphrase.

Choose HDD

Chose a harddrive.



Now you need to create a partition for Frenzy using the cfdisk utility.

We can see on the screen what needs to be done.

Choose the partition

Choose the partition.

Installling the boot manager

Installing the boot manager.

  • If you allready have the boot manager installed, choose “Do not install boot loader”.
  • If Frenzy would be the only one system on this HDD, choose “Install standard mbr”
  • If you are going to have multiple OSes on this HDD, choose “Install FreeBSD loader”

Install in progress

Install is in progress.

Choose language

Choose language of the installed system.

Installation complete

Installation is now complete.