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Service setup

Utility “servconf” is used to set up services (sshd, ftpd, httpd, smbd).

Every module of servconf allows to run, stop and restart specified service.

Besides that, some modules have additional options which should be mentioned below about.

Утилита servconf

Having called “‘servconf’” without parameters a menu to chose a modules will appear.

servconf sshd

To have an ability to log in to Frenzy box via ssh you have to create a new user.

To do that chose “Create a user fo ssh” in sshd settings module.

A new user frenzy will be created eith a random password which will be written into file “/root/frenzy.pwd”.

You change a password for this user “passwd frenzy“.

At first time you run sshd a new keys will be generated. It will take some time.

servconf ftpd

To enable an anonymous ftp you should chose “Create an anonymous ftp account”. Directory for anonymous ftp is /var/ftp.

servconf httpd

Configuration file for web server is /usr/local/etc/thttpd.conf

servconf smbd

At the first run of smbd you should specify a workgroup and NetBIOS name of your machine in a dialog box (enter this name in the capital letters).

You should create a system user to login to smb also (menu “Create user for samba”).