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There is a software listed in the table, showing different tasks and their solvers.

Console applications do work in X Window.

Bald names are given for the programs included only in extended version.

Console X Window
File manager deco, mc xnc
Text editor vi, ee, joe, vim,
biew, zile, nano, le
leafpad, gvim, SciTE
MS Office documents browser antiword, catdoc
PDF viewer xpdf
CHM viewer archmage, chmview kchmviewer
DjVu viewer djvulibre
Image viewer gqview, xli
Screenshot taker scrot
Internet browser lynx, elinks opera, dillo
Downloader wget, curl
FTP client ncftp gftp
Mail client mutt sylpheed
Newsgroups client slrn sylpheed
ICQ centericq, micq licq, sim
Jabber mcabber psi
IRC irssi xchat
Network Neighborhood browser LinNeighborhood, jags
Remote control ssh PuTTY, rdesktop, tightvnc
Audio player mp3blaster, mpg123,
moc, mikmod
Multimedia player mplayer

The full software list