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X Window system

The graphic shell can be started automaticly after boot, if the option gui was set in boot loader menu. It a started up system, GUI can be called by typing startx.

The fluxbox is used as a Windows Manager. The Application Menu is called by pressing right mouse button on the screen.

Keyboard layouts are switched using Ctrl+Shift. There are two langs available - English and national language, set before the startup (if you have set lang=en, there will be only one language). If not English language is chosen, ScrollLock lites.

To switch to the text mode use Ctrl+Alt+Fn (F1-F8). To get back to GUI press Alt+F9. To “kill” the GUI press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.


Key combination Effect
Alt+F1, Alt+F2, Alt+F3, Alt+F4 Desktops switching
Winkey, Ctrl+Esc Applications menu call
Alt+Esc Desktop menu call
Ctrl+num kayboard arrows Move window
Ctrl+Alt+num keyboard arrows Change windows size
Ctrl+Alt+R Application run utility
Ctrl+Alt+O Start Opera
Ctrl+Alt+L Start Sylpheed
Ctrl+Alt+Q Start GQview
Ctrl+Alt+T Start terminal rxvt
Ctrl+Alt+S Take a screenshot (the picture would be saved in /root/MyFiles)
Ctrl+Alt+Esc Call xkill to kill a program

Startup problems

In case of errors in default startup mode try removing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and start xautoconf utility by hands:

  • xautoconf safe - Uses default VESA driver.
  • xautoconf safemon - Uses usual videodriver but sets standard monitor settings. It is usefull when monitor has problems with refresh rate.